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Welcome to the RETOUR project website!

Here you can access our FREE Russian language training programme designed for workers in the retail, restaurant and hotel sectors.

The training programme is available in French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, English and Bulgarian.

It includes:

  1. 30 videos in 7 versions on typical situations within the hotel, restaurant and retail sectors.
  2. Written materials (6 units with transcriptions of the video dialogues, grammar information, and exercises) available in downloadable PDF format.
  3. 6 additional videos that present how to create and monitor your personal learning plan and give advice on the intercultural aspects of dealing with Russian tourists.
  4. 2 guides on how to use the RETOUR materials, one for teachers and one for learners.

To download the written materials, the guides, or to find a link to our RETOUR YouTube channel go to the Download Course’ section of this website.

RETOUR can also be used to practise pronunciation through our especially designed learning platform, which allows you to record your voice. Just go to the ‘Personal Space’ section of this website to register.

Click here to watch our video tutorial on using the Personal Space.

Click here to watch our video tutorial on the RETOUR YouTube channel and how to use the different video versions available.

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