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This project will be completed by a main group of organisations active in the teaching of languages in the vocational training sector whose networks include stakeholders in the tourism sector of their country. Most of whom are based in Mediterranean countries (Italy, Spain, Greece and France) where the presence of Russian tourists is growing but knowledge of Russian amongst people working in the sector is rare. The consortium is completed by two additional members. Firstly, the Bulgarian University’s Department for foreign language and linguistic department, which specialises in teaching Russian, will support the consortium with its thorough knowledge of Russian syntax and language teaching; and secondly, a language school from Ireland that will produce an English version of the training materials, so facilitating their valorization in non partner countries, as almost all personnel working in tourism in Europe know some English.Ce projet sera mis en œuvre par des organisations du secteur de la formation professionnelle, actives dans l’enseignement des langues vivantes, et dont les réseaux nationaux impliquent des parties prenantes du secteur du tourisme. La plus part des organisations sont présentes dans des pays méditerranéens (Italie, Espagne, Grèce, France), territoires sur lequel on note une croissance du nombre de touristes originaires des ex-républiques soviétiques; mais où les acteurs du secteur de tourismes ne disposent généralement pas de connaissance de la langue russe.